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good.com’s infographic charting when people leave home for work - is it surprising that nearly 25% leave after 9am?

The Census Bureau released the 2010 American Community Survey today. It contains data on who Americans are, where they live, how much money they make, and how they get around. That last part is what we’re interested in today—this infographic shows when Americans leave home for work each day. A full quarter don’t get out of the house until after 9 a.m.!


Want More Productive Employees? Tell Them to Take a Break

PDF download - great infographic from curbly.com


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The Science of Procrastination


The Science of Taste

food for thought - prejudices towards Europe (humorously) illustrated 


This Atlas Maps Prejudice, Not Places

Americans think the French have smelly armpits. Swedes think Germans make bad cars. Here are the narrow-minded and hilarious ways that people around the world envision the map of Europe.

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