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For today’s teenagers, bullying can be a persistent problem encountered daily. For National Bullying Prevention month, we’re sharing some books from our young adult fiction shelves on this subject to help empower readers and show they’re not alone.

Looks like the skate park will finally open … eventually. Groundbreaking ceremony upcoming and now that Van’s shoes is providing funding the park might just be open for business before we all know it. Great location!


It’s breast cancer awareness month and that means it’s time for a round-up of SocImages’ interrogation of breast cancer awareness month!

Our favorite finding? That the color pink actually makes women take breast cancer LESS seriously. Oops. That one’s first…

Social Psychology

Inequality and Breast Cancer Care


Sexual Objectification in Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer and the Social Construction of Gender

Simply Absurd

things to think about…

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Free and Open to the Public! ~ Walk-ins welcome!

(To RSVP, please use links below) 

Karmu: A Place in the Sun —  Documentary Film Screening and Panel Discussion

  • Friday, October 17, 2014 at 4:30pm
  • Sherrill Library Room 350, Brattle Campus (89 Brattle Street, Cambridge)

Join film producer and co-director, Janet Gilder, with a panel of individuals featured in the film—Ronald White, Rev. MD, Jon Lieff, MD, and Abraham Sussamn, PsyD—for a  screening and discussion of Karmu: A Place in the Sun (http://karmufilm.com).  Auto mechanic by day and urban shaman by night, for forty years Karmu welcomed anyone in need into his home. He helped thousands of people from drug addicts to students and professors at Harvard University. Part West Indian curandero, masterful lay counselor, hands on healer and down to earth holy man, Karmu fed the hungry and healed the sick with his herbal remedies and therapeutic massage. Karmu’s humorous banter lifted the spirits of the downtrodden. Recognized for his skill by Sufi master Murshid Samuel Lewis, Karmu came to prominence during the 1970s for his unique form of massage and herbal remedies. He inspired hope in those who sought him out and treated all with the same respect and helping hand that he offered the likes of Allen Ginsberg, Baba Ram Dass and R. D. Laing. Through archival footage and contemporary interviews with artists, teachers and doctors (well known professionals such as Dr. Andrew Weil and Dr. Daniel Goleman), Karmu: A Place In The Sun portrays an incredible man and his legacy of physical, emotional and spiritual healing. The co-director for this film is Lewis Gould who directed such films as Moonstruck, Manhattan, and The King of Comedy.  

GSASS Without Borders: Students Making a Difference Internationally

  • Monday, October 20, 2014 at 6:30pm
  • Washburn Lounge, Brattle Campus (10 Phillips Place, Cambridge)

Join Graduate School of Arts and Social Sciences (GSASS) students as they present their work in Rwanda, Ghana and Haiti this past year.  Learn how these students cultivated their scholarship and applied their skills in the field, and learn about future opportunities for you to do the same.  This event is presented by GSASS and Lesley’s Global Center, which support initiatives to cultivate a community of global scholars with the skills and understanding to be compassionate and engaged world citizens, as well as globally astute professionals.

On Pluto: Inside the Mind of Alzheimer’s  with author Greg O’Brien

  • Tuesday, October 21, 2014 at 7:00pm
  • Washburn Auditorium, Brattle Campus (10 Phillips Place, Cambridge)

Lesley University presents an evening with author Greg O’Brien, who shares his story of living with Alzheimer’s, told with humor, honesty and inspiration.  In 2009, longtime Cape Cod resident Greg O’Brien was diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer’s. O’Brien is an award-winning investigative journalist, who is using his gift for communicating to illuminate the patient perspective of living with this condition, the symptom burden, the longitudinal course of the disease, and its impact on family. “While I have the facility to do so, I want to communicate to others, to those who will face this demon someday and those who love them, that with the proper medical direction, life strategies, faith, and humor, one can prevail,” O’Brien says. O’Brien is the author of On Pluto: Inside the Mind of Alzheimer’s, his memoir of living with Alzheimer’s. He is also the subject of the short film, “A Place Called Pluto,” directed by award-winning filmmaker Steve James. Please join us to get an inside glimpse of living with Alzheimer’s, and thus better understand and help patients and families affected by the disease. The evening will include a short film screening, lecture, and Q&A, which will be followed by a book signing of On Pluto upstairs in Washburn Lounge.  

Perfect Strangers: One Gently Used Kidney, Free to a Good Home —- Documentary Film Screening and Panel Discussion

  • Thursday, October 23, 2014 at 7:00pm
  • University Hall Room 2-150 (Amphitheater), Porter Campus (1815 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge)

At the heart of the 2,600 year old practice of mindfulness lies compassion, a subject of recent studies on effects of meditation on the brain.  To explore compassion in a new way, the Mindfulness Studies Program at Lesley University invites you to join us for a screening of the award-winning documentary Perfect Strangers. The film, by Jan Krawitz, filmmaker and professor in the MFA Program in Film and Video at Stanford, explores what motivates an individual towards such an extreme act of compassion as donating a kidney to a stranger.  It tells the story of two unique and engaging characters, one who is determined to give away one of her kidneys, and one 500 miles away enduring nightly dialysis and losing hope of receiving a transplant. A panel discussion will follow the screening with the filmmaker, clinical social worker Barbara Levine from Brigham & Women’s Transplant Team, altruistic organ donor Dimitri Linde, and Director of Lesley’s Mindfulness Studies Program Professor Nancy Waring. 

social media and internet usage and how it all is changing your brain!

Tufts Health Plan 10K for Women

  • Monday, October 13th - Boston Common

Join the Lesley team for this annual event sponsored by Tufts Health Plan.  This event is designed to support and raise awareness of women’s health issues. 

If you plan on running or walking the race and have not registered, please let us know immediately! The drawing to win a free registration (a $45 value) has been extended through the end of today (10/6/14).

Please visit the official website, http://www.tuftshealthplan.com/tufts10k for more information on the race.

“Know your Numbers” Biometric Screening

  • Wednesday, October 8th - Sherrill Library, Room 251, Noon – 3:00p.m.
  • Thursday, October 9th - Doble Hall, Room 209, Noon – 3:00p.m.
  • Tuesday, October 14th - U-Hall, Rooms 3-099 & 3-102,12:30 – 4:00p.m. 

If you were one of the more than 85 employees who participated in the “Know Your Numbers” biometric screening program last year, you will want to do so again to see whether anything has changed. 

Stop by one of the free sessions to get your “Numbers”—i.e., blood pressure, weight, body mass index, and glucose and cholesterol levels.  Important information to know as you continue to take charge of your health. The measurement information that you receive is completely confidential and will not be individually shared with anyone. 

Walk-Off Challenge

  • all week through Friday, Noon October 10th

This event was kick-offed off on Friday, October 3rd as part of WELLynx Wellness Week.  But, it runs through the end of this week; and you can still participate! 

All you have to do is walk…your route or anyone else’s (see the log attached to the accompanying email).

Starting with this event, participants will log their walking distances each day through Friday.  The attached log contains several set routes; you can also add your own; it’s the honor system.

The top three participants who log the greatest distance will win a gift donated by City Sports!

“Nutrition Myths Debunked” Seminar

  • Thursday, November 13th - U-Hall, Room 3-089, 12:00 – 12:55

The first in our “Eat Well to Live Well” series on healthy eating and nutrition, this session will help you distinguish sound nutrition principles from fad and trendy diet myths.  You will learn how to make informed choices about healthy eating that will optimize personal health and wellness.

On October 1, 2014, a new Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection regulation went into effect requiring large commercial entities in Massachusetts to divert food waste from trash, most commonly by composting it.  Included in the definition of large commercial entities are colleges and universities that dispose of a ton or more of food waste per week, which includes Lesley University.  The goal of the policy is to reduce food waste, repurpose valuable resources, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with the disposal of food waste.

The University has made significant strides since the announcement of the regulation in 2013.  The Office of Sustainability has worked to expand composting, install informational signs to raise awareness, and educate staff.  Bon Appetit reduced food waste by 25% in Spring 2014 through operational changes.  To continue this trend toward food waste reduction, please take a minute to learn about how you can contribute to our composting efforts. Whenever possible, please take the time to dispose of your food waste in compost bins on campus. 

What is compostable?

  1. All food waste (including bones, dairy products, and coffee grounds/tea bags)
  2. Paper products (paper plates, napkins, paper towels, and food trays at Charlie’s Café)
  3. Other compostable materials include the “plastic-like” items (utensils, clear cups, condiment cups) used in Charlie’s and Porter Café.  They are actually made out of corn or potato starch! You’ll notice that nearly every item from the dining locations are compostable. 

Where can I compost at Lesley?

Compost bins are located on each campus in the cafés and dining halls.

How does composting relate to recycling?

Recyclables include glass, aluminum, plastic and paper.  Compostable materials include any item that was grown or alive, including food, paper products, yard waste and other related substances.  Sometimes, the two categories overlap, most notably in the case of paper, which is recyclable but can be composted also. Please empty all liquids from coffee and plastic cups before recycling.

[For more details about Lesley’s composting program and single stream recycling efforts, as well as downloadable posters and signage, refer to the community email sent out by the Sustainability Office.]

With your help, we can make a real difference!