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Check out this video we made for NPR’s series on stress with animator Avi Ofer:

Applicable to my life this week

What does it mean to apply Buddhist values in the work place? Two recent books mentioned in this article cover the topic, one aims to divest ethical and spiritual values from mindfulness practice, the other embraces these values. An interesting read from the New Yorker.


During the warmer summer months you tend to spend a lot more time outdoors. Beyond using proper sun protection, you should be also aware of the air quality.

The Air Quality Index (AQI) tells you how clean or polluted your outdoor air is and what associated health effects might be a…


How researchers are using computer games to treat pain, aging, ADHD, and other ailments.

Feeling anxious, depressed, fearful, or unable to focus? Is your memory getting fuzzy? Medication might help. Therapy might help. And someday soon—according to neuroscientists, game designers, and drug makers—you might be prescribed a videogame that helps as much as (or more than) either. Here are a few of the innovative companies that are fusing game mechanics with principles of cognitive psychology to create a new paradigm for digital healing.

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"From McDonald’s To Organic Valley, You’re Probably Eating Wood Pulp" via Allison Aubrey

Do not be alarmed, but you may be eating wood pulp. Or at least an additive that started out as wood.

Image: NPR

this is awesome!! maybe a little pricey at $200 so i might be trying to make this DIY one instead


A portable, simple way to get your butt off your chair. All you need is … a chair.

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ideas.ted.com post “THE FASTEST WAY TO FIGHT PREJUDICE? OPEN UP" by ash beckham.

silence halts change